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December 13, 2021

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NaplesBees Apiary is a hobby apiary located in the Naples, Florida area. Managing bees in Southwest Florida is exhilarating and, with a little effort, one can harvest honey and wax. I became addicted to the fascinating hobby of backyard beekeeping and have successfully harvested many pounds of honey and wax over the years. Along the way I learned and continue to learn new things about beekeeping. My goal with this web site is to encourage others and pass along the experiences so that it may help you enjoy something truly special and rewarding. It can surely be said beekeeping is as much an “art” as it is a science!!

Got honey bees in your Naples area yard that you would like moved? Let me give you an opinion on saving the bees and, if you want me to take them, I will give them a good home. I am a hobby beekeeper, so there is not any charge for the honey bee removal service, but if you are able, a donation of a few dollars toward the expenses of removing and apiary costs is appreciated. I can only remove the honey bee, not yellow jackets, hornets, etc. Contact me by filling out the information form here .

Did you know?……. The honey bee is the only insect on earth that produces food eaten by man and honey is the only food on earth that does not naturally spoil. A hive will try to maintain its internal temperature in the mid 90’s regardless of the outside temperature….. nature’s natural thermostat if you like it hot !!

Certificate of Beekeeping Registration for this beekeeper and apiary is current with the Florida Department of Agriculture as required under Florida statute 586 , and bee removal authorized under Florida rule 5E-14.151, F.A.C. Member of the Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida , an NFN System Administrator, and a U.S. Army veteran.

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